August 3, 2018

Miller Square & Luxe, Coming Soon!

Both our Miller Square and Luxe projects are moving along and will be completed this fall.

These luxurious condos feature luxurious finishes, private elevators, and a two car garage.  With convenient locations, Miller @ Scottsdale and Luxe @ Arcadia.  Keep an eye out for more updates on these projects!

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  1. As a true Scottsdale Native with 50+ years of life under my belt here in the lovely Scottsdale area, I have seen many changes… your Miller Square luxury home development is a genuine gem….so many of these residential dwellings that have sprung up lately, have done just that, sprung up! However, the care, quality and time your company is taking on this project has been amazing to watch. I drive past almost daily and along with the lovely and eye-pleasing architectural design, the commitment to quality is ever so evident! This life plus another one, for me, would still not allow me to consider living in such a gorgeous, exclusive dwelling, but I do so appreciate seeing this kind of well built and carefully crafted community arising in the city that I love. So thank you, for taking the time and care that you are to build such a lovely place!!

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