The purpose of commercial builds or renovations is to create a more efficient workspace, make room for growth or to address structural or aesthetic issues. Your company wants a space that is functional, uncluttered and built to accommodate your specific business needs. It should be a place where your employees feel comfortable and productive and where your customers feel welcome. That’s why choosing the right commercial contractor for your project is one of the most important decisions your company will ever make.

We believe a smooth project starts with plenty of planning up front. Progressive processes and up-front analysis of each project allow owners to make informed decisions and easy cost monitoring.

• Perform a needs assessment
• Create an outline of owner specifications
• Define project components
• Identify and evaluate the materials, means and methods
• Site selection as needed
• Procurement of owner financing
• Cash flow projections
• Value analysis & value engineering
• Design & constructability review
• Material procurement and long lead assessment
• Scheduling of each phase of the project
• Solicit subcontractor input / vendor selection
• Develop conceptual estimate / cost models
• Provide detailed cost breakdown
• Prepare final project cost estimate

Site Improvement
Our ultimate goal is to create a harmonious property that welcomes employees and customers. VIP has decades of experience working with city planners, subcontractors and our own team member to accomplish all these steps in the site improvement process.

• Site selection as needed
• SWPPP & Mass Grading
• Construct Building Pads
• Site Utilities – Water, Sewer, Fireline, Gas, & Power
• City & Utility Company coordination to site
• Curb, gutter, and sidewalks
• Final grade & Paving
• Site Lighting
• Landscape

Breaking Ground and Construction
We believe in on-site construction management, which means our superintendent is on-site to oversee every step of your project. Our long-standing relationships with the best subcontractors and vendors in the business offer true value. Adhering to the schedule is a core value for the entire VIP team. We ensure:

• Develop site staging plan
• Coordinate all site and building mobilization activities
• Define all construction activities and durations
• Fast-track project scheduling
• Verify compliance with federal, state and local regulations
• Provide and adhere to project safety plan
• Prepare and adhere to job site security plan
• Quality control
• Collaboration among all parties
• Cash flow management

When the project is done, we want to make sure our clients are happy with all aspects of the job we’ve done. That’s why we take the time to walk through the site and sit down with our clients to make sure we’ve met every single need and closed out every issue.

• Provide all operation and maintenance manuals
• Provide training on how to run and operate what’s new
• Final walk-through and punch list check